Security Planning Unit

Counter Terrorism
The Security Planning Unit is actively involved in all counter terrorism and/or suspicious activity investigations, in cooperation with our Federal, State, and local partners.

OEM and Funding
The Security Planning Unit maintains a relationship with the Office of Emergency Management and participates in efforts to use Department of Homeland Security’s funds to address current threats and vulnerabilities.

Special Events
The Security Planning Unit coordinates with Federal, State, and local partners to ensure the safety of the public at special events, such as major sporting events, parades or other events involving large public gatherings.

Risk Mitigation Planner
The Risk Mitigation Planner is responsible for identifying and protecting critical infrastructure and assets within the County, in accordance with guidelines and standards established by County, State, and Federal officials.

If I see something suspicious or out of place and I’m not really sure about it, should I report it?
Yes. Even if the information does not result in an actual investigation, the information should be reported to your local police. Law enforcement relies heavily on the public to report any and all suspicious activity.

If I report suspicious activity, do I have to identify myself?
No. You may remain anonymous.

How can I help to keep my community safe?
If you see something, say something. Please report anything that looks suspicious to your local police department.