Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit consists of Assistant Prosecutors, Detectives and Support Staff. The Unit deals primarily with the investigation and prosecution of major thefts and frauds involving some kind of ruse, scam or deception. SIU also investigates and prosecutes cases involving public corruption or misconduct in office.

Major Theft/Fraud
The crimes investigated include embezzlement, forgeries, credit card fraud and theft of services.  Most of the Unit’s investigations result from complaints made by individuals who have been victimized. A portion of the investigations are a result of referrals from municipal police departments.

Crimes of Violation of Public Trust
The SIU also investigates crimes that involve the violation of the public trust by public officials or employees, including embezzlement of public funds, misuse of public office, bribery, official misconduct, election fraud and bid rigging. SIU also investigates and prosecutes misconduct by corporate officials and attorneys.

Other Areas
SIU also investigates the manufacture and/or sale of counterfeit goods, cargo theft and murder for hire.

If an initial investigation reveals that a particular matter does not warrant criminal prosecution, referrals are often made to other State and County agencies, such as the Division of Consumer Affairs or the Office of Attorney Ethics, which can provide information and assistance to the complainant.

Anyone with information concerning crimes involving a major theft, fraud or violation of the public trust should contact the Special Investigations Unit at 201-795-6400, ext. 6718. Complaints will remain confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the threshold amount for investigating a theft or fraud?
The Office of the Hudson County Prosecutor typically handles cases involving a loss of $75,000 or more, which are graded as second degree crimes under New Jersey Law.  However, depending on the circumstances, a theft or fraud involving a lesser amount may be investigated.

How can I restore my credit after being a victim of fraud?
A victim of fraud should not be a victim of bad credit.  There are several steps to take to restore your credit – primarily by contacting the credit reporting agencies, i.e. Experian, Transunion and Equifax.  Please refer to the link below for step by step procedures that should be taken if you are a victim of a fraud or an identity theft which affects your credit standing.

How long will the investigation take?
Each investigation is unique and it is not possible to estimate how long a given investigation will take as we often have to rely on the cooperation of outside agencies to gather the necessary documents and information.  Every effort is made, however, to expedite the investigation.

Will I get my money back?
If the actor or actors are convicted of a crime, a Superior Court Judge may, where feasible, order the defendant to make restitution to the victim of the theft or fraud. Restitution through the criminal justice process is not possible in every case.  It is suggested, therefore, that you consider retaining the services of an attorney to pursue available civil remedies to recoup any financial loss you may have suffered.