Adult Sex Crimes

The Special Victims Unit investigates all allegations of sexual assault of adult victims. SVU detectives will interview the victim and other witnesses, as well as collect evidence for forensic analysis. If the sexual assault occurred within five days, a Sexual Assault Response Team will be offered to the survivor. A specially trained nurse examiner at our three hospital locations — Christ Hospital, Jersey City Medical Center and Hoboken University Hospital — will assess injury, make treatment recommendations, collect physical evidence, as well as offer follow-up referrals where necessary. Survivors will have the opportunity to speak with a Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate and have their assistance and guidance during the process. Survivors will be given the choice of having a criminal investigation.

SVU recognizes that sexual assault victims react in different ways to trauma. Rape can create strong feelings of fear, humiliation, and embarrassment. Although a delay in reporting is not necessarily a bar to investigation and prosecution, victims are urged to report the crime as quickly as possible to preserve evidence.