Anonymous Tip

The Office of the Hudson County Prosecutor encourages members of the community to help us in the fight against crime by overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement — fear and apathy.

The Office provides three options for citizens to submit a tip. We have an anonymous tip line, (800) 962-0056, along with a website tip form (see below) and an email tip address All three are to encourage citizens in the community to volunteer vital information helpful to our law enforcement agencies to help fight against crime.

The tipster will not be required to reveal their identity at any point in the process.  Tip-line reporting has proven to be a very effective method of anonymously reporting suspicious or criminal activity for those in fear of retaliation or not wanting to reveal their identity for other reasons.  We at the Office of the Hudson County Prosecutor appreciate your continued assistance in keeping our communities safe and again would like to remind citizens if you “SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.” 

Help put a stop to crime and be 100% anonymous when reporting any crime by calling (800) 962-0056. It is simple, it is safe, it is totally and absolutely anonymous.

If this is an Emergency or emergent conditions exist,  please call 911 and explain the reason for your call.

Your time and effort to protect our community is greatly appreciated.