In-Court Unit

Detectives and Agents assigned to the In-Court Unit perform a wide array of duties to help the Assistant Prosecutors designated to various units in the Office of the Hudson County Prosecutor.

Detectives are sworn Law Enforcement Officers who conduct follow-up investigations for pretrial and trial preparation. This includes: locating victims and witnesses; taking sworn statements of victims, witnesses and suspects; personally servicing trial subpoenas; transporting and retrieving evidence; apprehending fugitives and material witnesses; making arrests for criminal offenses; and assisting outside law enforcement agencies with investigative follow-up.

Detectives further assist the public by screening civilian complaints — approximately 900 to 1000 a year — that may be criminal or civil in nature and the complaints are then referred to the proper authority. These complaints may be generated by a walk-in or a telephone inquiry.

Agents are non-sworn members of the Office who perform a vital function by supporting Assistant Prosecutors in several ways including: picking-up evidence; taking part in non-sworn pretrial interviews; report writing; and maintaining and operating equipment used during court proceedings.